Why in Spanish, and who are we?

This writer originally wrote in Spanish this illustrated novel about the common Locsin ancestor Sin Loc because this language, Spanish, happens to be the original language of the Locsin family and clan, until its new generations were educated in English with the imposition of U.S. WASP colonialism over these Islands. Were it not for this […]

A national language lesson from Puerto Rico

Speaking of dignity, self-respect, the instinct of national preservation through the defense of one’s own national language and national sovereignty, we need to point out as an example the recent rejection of U.S. Statehood with all its publicized “dollar benefits” on the part of the majority of Puerto Ricans in a recent national plebiscite they […]

The Filipino State (Another way of looking at Philippine history): Part 7 of 7 Parts

7.  Was the Filipino State mortgaged and hocked? Was it gross betrayed? Will the Filipinos remain to be stateless even in their own country? Thus, because of the confusion wrought upon the national psyche of the Filipino people through the implacable requirement of the English language,  —-over Tagalog-Filipino and Spanish—-  the Filipino State has ended […]