We are approaching “The Perfect Storm” of the 21st Century. Will we survive?


(Preliminary introductory notes/overview to a work-in-progress) Floro Quibuyen (31 January 2013, Croydon, Australia) WFA-photos-Davao-Oriental-1In the wake of typhoon Pablo in the Philippines, the record high heat wave in NSW, followed, just a week later, by cyclones and flooding in Queensland, Australia, it’s time to face the critical issues of the 21st century—where are we at […]

A “Strong” Peso Keeps the Country Poor, the Poor Poorer and the Rich Richer

"The poor getting poorer... " //Photo: The Filipino Australian

The following article including the preamble is a paper prepared by Global Filipino Nation and is printed here as a talking point for discussion, particularly for the students of Philippine Studies. A short version of this paper is published at The Filipino Australian website. // Ed. This paper is the product of the collective insights […]

Corporate corruption in some rich countries, much bigger than Philippine GDP, national budget


Corporate corruption means the act of stealing money from private businesses. It includes white-collar crimes such as fraud, bribery, fraudulent investment operation, insider trading, embezzlement, computer crime, copyright violation, money laundering, identity theft, and forgery.1 In 2011, the Philippines had a gross domestic product or GDP of PhP10 trillion (US$216.1 billion)2 and a national budget […]