Is this website, Philippine Studies, anti-Filipino? Be the judge.

We have received an email from a certain “Ji” of Hotmail concerning the article “Anti-Filipino Remarks“. On reading the message, we thought we misread it. Our reader was claiming that the article is anti-Filipino! And the article is “degrading” Filipinos and should therefore be removed. Our reader has sorely missed the whole point of the […]

Defend the Filipino

(Part 17 — last part — of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) NATIONS become great because their peoples aspire to be so. Greatness makes them wealthy, powerful, respected, and feared. But seeking and winning greatness is difficult, for it requires the resolute character, outlook, and will of the people to triumph against all […]

Wrong Perceptions of Americans

(Part 14 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) ANTI-FILIPINOS love to imagine, fabricate, and propagate stories that would make the United States of America a flawless paradise on earth, and the Americans flawless (and almost angelic) beings. When they see traffic violations, gossips, graft and corruption, back fighting, cursing, urinating on the streets, […]

Anti-Filipino Remarks

(Part 1 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) “Filipinos are lazy!” “Filipinos are thieves!” “Filipinos are corrupt!” “Filipinos are undisciplined!” “Filipinos have crab mentality!” “Filipinos have short memories!” “Filipinos are always late!” “Filipinos have colonial mentality!” “Filipinos are copycats!” “Filipinos are gossip-makers!” “Filipinos are gamblers!” “Filipinos are cheaters!” These are the remarks many […]