Magsisi ka man at huli wala nang mangyayari.

English (Loose translation): There is no point blaming yourself for something that has happened in the past.

Explanation: The truth is you cannot regret something that has yet to happen. Regret is always related to a past event, action or decision. But there is no benefit in blaming oneself for things that you cannot change any longer. One has to move on.

Do you agree with the saying? What do you think of our commentary?


  1. eugene codiamat says

    i guess this is written like this “magsisi kaman sa huli wala ng mangyayari” probably this has been given a chance by christianity “repent and shall be forgiven” which is good
    for everybody. do you think so?

  2. jeanette says

    may mga bagay tayo na gusto natin pero hindi ibig sabihin na parusahan mo nalang ang sarili mo dahil lang sa isang bagay n hindi natin nakuha, darating rin yan sa tamang panahon hindi lang ngayon.

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