Is this website, Philippine Studies, anti-Filipino? Be the judge.

We have received an email from a certain “Ji” of Hotmail concerning the article “Anti-Filipino Remarks“.

On reading the message, we thought we misread it.

Our reader was claiming that the article is anti-Filipino! And the article is “degrading” Filipinos and should therefore be removed.

Our reader has sorely missed the whole point of the article.

The ‘Anti-Filipino Remarks’ article is Part 1 of a series of articles in defense of the Filipino titled “In Defense of the Filipinoā€¯ (what else?). There are 15 articles in the series by Jon Royeca. The last article in the series is “Why Is the Philippines A Poor Country?”

Here is a copy of the message (for security reason, we scrubbed the sender’s email address):

We would like to invite our reader “Ji” to please re-read the article and other blog posts in the series. Our reader should also follow Jon Royeca’s responses to other readers’ comments in order to appreciate how Royeca was “defending the Filipino”.

There are certain articles published on this website which may highlight what is wrong with us as a nation, like Edwin Bael’s article, “Let us build each other up“, but that does not make us anti-Filipino, does it?

By publishing such articles, aren’t we making the Filipino community at large better informed?

Rest assured that emanila, since its inception in 1998, has maintained respect for everyone and has not harboured any biases or prejudices against any nationality or race, be it Filipino or otherwise.

Are we anti-Filipino? Let us hear from you.


  1. jumanjoo says

    Filipinos who deny themselves the truth that the Philippines is a poor, backward, and third-world country are only helping our corrupt leaders (and the stupid voters who elected them) to continue their crooked ways. Our corrupt politicians want us to believe that they have done so much for the country, that the Philippines is one of the best places to work and live and raise a family, that we should announce to the world that we are proud to be Filipinos.

    “Ji” is either one of those stupid enough to be fooled or he/she is one of those politicians.

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