Overseas Filipino Workers: The Emergence of an Asian-Pacific Diaspora

The Philippine nation-state often gets world attention only when calamities—such as the recent typhoon Ondoy’s unprecedented flooding of metropolitan Manila, with thousands of homes destroyed and several hundreds killed, due to government neglect; or the nearly 100,000 refugees created by the Arroyo regime’s indiscriminate bombing campaign against the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front—hit the headlines. […]

Jose Rizal Traversing the United States of America

RIZAL IN THE USA: ESCAPING THE ANGLO QUARANTINE, RE-INVENTING “LOS INDIOS BRAVOS” by E. SAN JUAN, Jr. Rizal is both Ibarra and Elias…. Rizal himself is the spirit of contradiction, a soul that dreads the revolution, although deep within himself he consummately desires it…. Rizal is a man who constantly pivots between fear and hope, […]

Jose Garcia Villa, Filipino Poet in the “New World”

JOSE GARCIA VILLA, R.I.P.: Post-mortem and Autopsy Report on the Death and Resurrection of a Filipino Poet in the Imperial Metropole (Lecture given on 7 Jan 2009, at Ateneo University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines) by E. SAN JUAN, Jr. Fellow, W.E. B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University 1. The publication of Jose Garcia Villa’s […]

Filipinos Writing in English / Through English: Reconaissance and Revaluation

Given the rise of “englisches” in the shadow of Global/World English, is it possible to draw up a provisional account of Filipino writing in English from the orthodox formalistic and aestheticist point-of-view without self-incrimination? It surely is possible, but whether it is intelligible or useful for whatever reason, remains to be seen. Given the commodification […]

Returning from the Diaspora, Re-discovering the Homeland

I am pleased and honored to congratulate the alumni of the Philippine Studies Program at this time when so many events here and in the Philippines—disasters, crises, emergencies–are forcing us to think what we should do to advance social justice and equality, to make another world possible, a better world if possible. Our diverse responses […]