Spanish American War, the Philippines and Filipino Genocide

We picked up some articles from a related site, Only in the Philippines, which may be controversial but should give us some additional background on this chapter of Philippine history.

The articles contain YouTube video clips of five parts documenting the Spanish American War posted by YT member tierraboricua.

Welcome to our new website

Thanks for returning! You have just opened the new site of Philippine Studies. Among other features, our new sites features a tabbed box with “Your Say!”, “Selected Articles” and “Tags // Keywords”. Select any of these tabs and you will land on articles which are commonly searched by our members and readers. If you scroll […]

Kung binigyan ng buhay, bibigyan din ng ikabubuhay.

English (Loose translation): If you gave life to somebody, you should also provide him/her a source of livelihood. Explanation: One practical application of this saying is the case of a parent-child relationship. It is not enough that a child is born to the world. It also the responsibility of a parent to give that child […]

The vibrancy of Filipino as a language

What is Internet in Tagalog?

We mentioned to all members and users that our online translation service is not in Tagalog but in Filipino (Pilipino).

It has now become obvious from Mr Renato Perdon’s “The Making of a National Language” why it is so. While Tagalog is the basis of the development of Pilipino (now Filipino) in the 70s, the fact still remains […]