On Our Sense of History

(Part 8 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) ANOTHER upsetting negative charge against us Filipinos is that we have short memories, that we have no sense of history, and that because of it, we disregard our patriots and the crucial events that had happened in our country. These are misleading accusations. The human […]

Crab Mentality Is Universal

(Part 7 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) IT IS said that we Filipinos have crab mentality and so we do not attain the progress and prosperity we have long been aspiring for, that it is practiced only by us Filipinos, and that we will remain a poor nation if it is not […]

It’s Not Lack of Discipline

(Part 6 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) URINATING on the street or against the wall, spitting in public, jaywalking, disposing of garbage anywhere, and other bad habits make anti-Filipinos conclude that we Filipinos are undisciplined and the worst citizens on earth. For anti-Filipinos, other countries are progressive because their peoples are disciplined, […]

All Nations Have Graft and Corruption

(Part 5 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) GRAFT and corruption is the act of stealing or transacting illegally public or private funds for personal gains. This is a global practice and is as old as humanity. Tanaka Kakuei was forced to resign as Japan’s prime minister after having been accused of accepting […]

All Races Have Thieves

(Part 4 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) ALL races have thieves. There is no race or nation that doesn’t have them. Stealing tempts humans, and anyone can be tempted, but most overcome such temptation. Thefts. In the United States in 2003, there were one larceny/theft every 4½ seconds, one burglary every 15 […]

Filipinos are Industrious

(Part 3 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) FILIPINOS are industrious—this fact is proven by the millions of them who work, sweat, and toil in their land of birth or in other countries. Before the rooster crows, the Filipino farmer is already up to prepare for farming. In the fields, while under the […]