Corporate corruption in some rich countries, much bigger than Philippine GDP, national budget


Corporate corruption means the act of stealing money from private businesses. It includes white-collar crimes such as fraud, bribery, fraudulent investment operation, insider trading, embezzlement, computer crime, copyright violation, money laundering, identity theft, and forgery.1 In 2011, the Philippines had a gross domestic product or GDP of PhP10 trillion (US$216.1 billion)2 and a national budget […]

Why Is the Philippines A Poor Country?

(Part 13 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) THE usual answers to this question are because allegedly we Filipinos are indolent, thieves, corrupt, undisciplined, crab-minded, divided, and more. Let us have the real answers. Nation’s Debts. The main reason is because a large portion of our national budget goes to paying our foreign […]

Defend the Filipino

(Part 17 — last part — of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) NATIONS become great because their peoples aspire to be so. Greatness makes them wealthy, powerful, respected, and feared. But seeking and winning greatness is difficult, for it requires the resolute character, outlook, and will of the people to triumph against all […]

Wrong Perceptions of Americans

(Part 14 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) ANTI-FILIPINOS love to imagine, fabricate, and propagate stories that would make the United States of America a flawless paradise on earth, and the Americans flawless (and almost angelic) beings. When they see traffic violations, gossips, graft and corruption, back fighting, cursing, urinating on the streets, […]

Gossips are everywhere

(Part 12 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) THERE was a local entertainer who said on television that she and her family would already immigrate to the United States—after making much money in the Philippines. Why did she choose the U.S. as her place of retirement? She claimed that the U.S. had no […]


(Part 11 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) WHEN one resident opens a sari-sari (variety) store and then days later a neighbor also puts up a similar enterprise, anti-Filipinos claim that Filipinos are copycats—gaya-gaya, puto–maya—and that they are good only when they imitate their neighbors. These are another wrong charges against Filipinos. In […]

Colonial Mentality

(Part 10 of the “In Defense of the Filipino” series) ANTI-FILIPINOS say that Filipinos, because of their colonial mentality, always prefer foreign talents and products to local ones. This mentality does exist, but it is wrong to accuse us Filipinos of always having it. Colonial mentality is the thinking that foreign talents and products are […]