Rizal sowed the idea; Bonifacio brought it to fruition


By Floro Quibuyen On his 31 December 1888 letter to his compatriots, whose important meeting he couldn’t attend, Rizal wrote: “Without wishing to parody the sublime words of Christ, I shall say to you nevertheless why I think and feel thus, that wherever two Filipinos meet in the name of the native land and for […]

Bayan Ko, A Dramatic Reading


“Bayan Ko” (My Country) is a dramatic reading based on Floro Quibuyen’s book A Nation Aborted: Rizal, American Hegemony and Philippine Nationalism. Quibuyen wrote and directed “Bayan Ko” in consultation with his PI 100 (Rizal) class, which presented it as an intermission number in the Symposium on Globalization, which, in turn, was organized by his […]

My “memorable” encounter with Austin Coates at the Bantug ancestral house

By Floro Quibuyen On Dec. 30, 1979 (or 1980, I’m not exactly sure), Austin Coates was the guest speaker for the Rizal Day Annual Lecture at the Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago. Book cover of Lolo Jose by Asuncion Lopez Bantug One of the guests of honor was Asuncion Lopez-Bantug, the grandniece of Rizal. I […]

What the future holds: Wayfinding through the perfect storm of the 21st Century

By Floro Quibuyen Aftermath in Davao Oriental. / Photo: Worldwide Filipino Alliance The news on climate change is, of course, uniformly bad and getting worse. Notwithstanding the global economic crisis, global carbon emissions jumped by 5.9% in 2010, the fastest annual increase yet recorded (Gillis 2011; Peters et al. 2012). The International Energy Agency, no […]

We are approaching “The Perfect Storm” of the 21st Century. Will we survive?


(Preliminary introductory notes/overview to a work-in-progress) Floro Quibuyen (31 January 2013, Croydon, Australia) WFA-photos-Davao-Oriental-1In the wake of typhoon Pablo in the Philippines, the record high heat wave in NSW, followed, just a week later, by cyclones and flooding in Queensland, Australia, it’s time to face the critical issues of the 21st century—where are we at […]

Epilogue: Rizal’s Legacy and Dapitan Today

[This is Part 6, the concluding part, of Rizal’s Legacy for the 21st Century: Progressive Education, Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development in Dapitan, first published at Social Science Diliman (SSD) Volume 7, No. 2, December 2011 issue. //Ed.] IN HIS FOUR YEARS in Dapitan, Rizal played multiple roles: doctor, social worker, farmer, social entrepreneur, public […]