Martial laws in the Philippines

September 21, 1972 is the date many remember as the date Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed Proclamation No. 1081 placing the entire Philippines under martial law. But unknown to many, there were two other occasions in the Philippines when the power of the Philippine President to declare martial law was invoked. The first time […]

Philippine Arena – world’s largest domed arena

We don’t normally include in this site news about developments in the Philippines including politics, economics, technology, education, and property developments. But the news that in the Philippines will soon rise the world’s largest domed arena will be an exception. The arena called “Philippine Arena” would have 50,000 seats ~ more than three times the […]

Magsisi ka man at huli wala nang mangyayari.

English (Loose translation): There is no point blaming yourself for something that has happened in the past. Explanation: The truth is you cannot regret something that has yet to happen. Regret is always related to a past event, action or decision. But there is no benefit in blaming oneself for things that you cannot change […]